Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has become an important time for mother and mother figures alike in Australia and all over the world. The holiday began in the early 1900's in America and has since grown into THE day to show how much we appreciate our mothers.

Did you know that the highest number of phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year? This really is an indication that we take the day seriously!

So what are the top ways in which we can show our appreciation?

  1. A phone call. Say with words how much you appreciate all your mother has done for you.
  2. Flowers and chocolates. Although cliché, flowers and chocolates have long been a symbol of being the way to a woman's heart!
  3. A gift. The best types of gifts to give on Mother’s Day are the ones that encourage relaxation and beautification.

Soul and Ark have honed in on products that promote respite and luxury. What more would any mother need to relax on Mother’s Day?

Candles, our best sellers have the ability to create a relaxing atmosphere and intrigue mum's sense of smell, creating a restful environment (Let's be real, we wouldn't mind having a sniff ourselves!).

We also have a range of body products, perfect for helping mum indulge at bath time or she would love using on her skin to give that much needed glow.

Your mother will definitely thank you for any special gift you find in our store.

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